[imc-korea] IMC Meeting 3/7/2005

nevin domer nevindomer at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 7 19:41:28 PST 2005

Ok, here are the minutes that I took from the meeting. Look over them and 
make any corrections or additions I will add them to the Wiki site (when I 
figure out how) and put a link to them in the Jinbonet blog…

I think that it’s important to keep a record of who is speaking, but since 
these minutes will be public I just put first initials for the people… 
maybe later we can all agree on the nicknames (or real names) we want to use 
for the minutes…

If there is part of the notes you don’t understand / remember email me…

- nevin

IMC Meeting 3/7/2005
@ lobby of Mediact & nearby fish restaurant
notes taken by <ne>

<na & ne> reported on Asia-Pacific meeting and had short discussion
-	we can submit Korean news to the main Indymedia site w/o having our own 
-	we want to support an Asia-Pacific group / page… once we get our site 

<d> reported on talk with the KCTU webmaster
-	webmaster is really busy w/ internal conflict and doesn’t have time to 
talk with us, but gave us permission to use KCTU name
-	suggestion to ask him to meet with IMCs and make connections for us in his 
upcoming trip to Latin America (he will be there for up to a year)

Need to make meetings more regular
-	every other Monday @ 7:00 (1st and 3rd Mondays)
-	place: time doesn’t suit to use Jinbonet… Mediact also has a busy 
schedule. For now we will meet in the Mediact lobby until a better spot is 
-	We will keep notes and meeting schedule on the wiki page as well as on our 
jinbonet blog
-	<ne> will try and build up the wiki page
-	Want to add a banner to the Jinbonet page asking people to help with the 
IMC (also adding a blog)
-	We talked about getting more articles on the IMC into established press.

<d> gave some encouraging reports on interest among Korean media activist 
(especially with relation to video)

<na>Talk about starting a translation / English editing group

<c> suggested writing a brief explanation of the group in Korean that could 
be posted on message boards, etc. <d> said he’ll do it.

-	we need to work more on “advertising”
-	regular meetings will make our group more accessible

Ask Jinbonet for server space <d>

<m> We should organize some sort of special program(s) for the IMC, maybe 
with music, etc. Also we need to do fundraising for the program and for 
organizing people

<d,c> Need for basic site showing the IMC---we started a blog on Jinbonet 
-<na> we should put the IMC logo on the blog (but take down the molotov pic)
-create a short address for the wiki site <d> http://imckorea.gg.gg

<na,m> eventual want to do IMC internet radio…

We need to make an IMC-Korea logo
-<d> wait until we get more people at open meeting and then pick an artist 
to do it…

The Agenda for the next meeting (3/21 7:00 @ lobby of Mediact) is to plan 
for our first big “Open Meeting.”