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Kyle (Hawaii) has sent the reply on the Pyeongtaek question on Sept. 7 (*
attached*). Thanks very much, Kyle.
Thanks very much, Gisela (Germany), for forwarding, too. Sung-Hee

*To stabilize N.Korea*
Posted on : Sep.10,2010 14:19 KST

*Commander of the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) Gen. Walter Sharp said Thursday
that South Korea and the U.S. conducted drills aimed at “stabilizing” North
Korea in the event of N. Korean regime collapse.*

In a press conference at the U.S. garrison in Yongsan, Seoul, Sharp said
that South Korean and U.S. forces practiced a stabilization drill in reply
to whether a stabilization drill was part of an annual drill “Ulchi Freedom
Guardian” (UFG) last month.

“We are really trying to make sure that we are able to not only defend, not
only able to kill and attack, but also able to provide humanitarian
assistance and security and stability for the people [in North Korea]
because all of those tasks will have to be done via soldiers in future
conflict,” Sharp said.

T*he computer-simulated operation was designed to ensure stability in North
Korea in case of war, and is based on lessons the U.S. has learned from its
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said. “One of the lessons is that you can
be fighting and attacking one area, and in another area the main mission is
to stabilize and protect the population.”*

*Sharp’s remarks could possibly mean that South Korea and the U.S. converted
Operation Plan in Concept Format 5029 (CONPLAN 5029) into Operations Plan
(OPLAN 5029) in case of the collapse of the North Korean regime and
practiced drills with that in mind. *Unless CONPLAN 5029 includes the
specific process of military forces distribution, it could not become a
complete OPLAN 5029.

No USFK commander so far has openly mentioned such drills, which experts
speculate were included as part of a new contingency operation plan the two
allies are working out.

In late October 2008 the United States reportedly proposed developing a
detailed Operations Plan, OPLAN, in the event of the collapse of the North
Korean regime.

(Photo Pool)


See also Korea Times


*S. Korea, US develop N. Korea stabilization operations*



* <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopnato/message/46870>


Pentagon: Nuclear Supercarrier To Join Drills In Yellow Sea Sept. 10, 2010


Sung-Hee Choi


* <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopnato/message/46870>
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