[imc-lancaster-kinematograph] rumours are about..

mp m.pedersen at lancaster.ac.uk
Sat Dec 4 14:56:30 PST 2004

a critical mass on friday?

would it be a good idea to proceed to the basement with yer own chips,
curry or whatever and watch a film together? A CM & K collaboration..

-anyone up for doing any leafletting, flyering, postering, telling,
kickin', screaming to make it happen?

-anyone to mind the basement while the critical mass build up?

i make some leaflets ppl can download if they can't be bothered to make
their own......

* "Kinematograph X-Mess Film Evening: What a surprise!"
*  In The Basement, after the Anti-War Critical Mass
*  which starts at 18.00 hours - Dalton Square.

However, the rumour is unconfirmed, or is it, now?


ps: heard it in single-step!? :-)

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