[imc-liverpool] stickers and promoting to features

ad_nauseam at riseup.net ad_nauseam at riseup.net
Sun Mar 2 15:04:47 PST 2008

Last Tuesday we decided to 'promote' the best articles from the newswire
to being features. I've already done this twice, with my hactivism
interview, and a report Kai has done on the latest situation in Sefton
Park. Perhaps we can do normal features again in the future, but I for one
don't have time, and I can't see myself having time in the short to medium

As with the UK site, articles which are
* original, first hand reports on actions and other events
* good, original analysis
should be promoted.

Also, we decided to finally get those stickers done. However, the company
I found a few months back no longer allow customers to get their own
designs printed, and I can't find a reasonably priced alternative.

Any ideas?


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