[Imc-london] Indymedia Birthday gig venue

andi andi at syndicate.org.uk
Mon Nov 1 17:46:34 PST 2004

Quoting me-myself-and-i:

> > PS what date exactly are you talking about?
> the imc birthdayday is tue 30th november so the question is
> if to combine it with the anarchist bookfair (sat 27
> november) or doing it the weekend after (sat 4 december).

PS: this is actually crucial - if that venue fits 800+ people
we better get advertising the event straight away to fit that

personally, it would look to me that sat 4 december is better
as no energies would have been diverted by doing things on
the anarchist bookfair but i may be wrong.

but i'd propose that whoever goes to that holloway wednesday
meeting should have the powers to decide if this should go
ahead, and should decide between those two dates. 

experience shows that indymedia projects only go ahead if
people feel they can do things. so whoever wants to engage in
this go and do! if people disagree they should go to that
meeting. silence means you agree.

cheers andi

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