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Mon Nov 8 02:33:01 PST 2004

Hey thanks for the investigations on this, all you guys :)

The bar waver is ace.  Guess we just have to deceide and put out the 
dates we want to have the party, bookfair w/end or after.  I'm also 
guessing that there will be a bookfair after party - anyone know more on 
what we may clash with that evening?

Hey... also folks, please get down with your badge designs and lets see 
whos up for processing them... :)


Athol Halle wrote:

>I went to St Georges Church last night in Tufnell Park - potential venue 
>for FBI party. Its a beautiful building in a pretty good state.
>They are enthusiastic about hosting our party, and would potentailly 
>waive the 'no bar' rule as a one off for us. They need to check up a 
>couple of things like capacity and health and safety stuff -and would be 
>able to give us a definite answer as to if they could host after their 
>meeting on Monday evening.
>One problem is possible eviction - legal stuff in process and small 
>chance they will be out before Dec 4th, situation should become clearer 
>soon. But worth investigating other possible venues, just in case.
>Film nights. They would be happy to host regular Indymedia film nights 
>there starting from as soon as could be sorted. However they are asking 
>that any groups involved in using the space also get involved in sorting 
>the space out.
>They currently need someone to sort their BT broadband, which has been 
>connected but aint working - anyone able to help call Phoenix on 07769 
>791 387. Also various other stuff needed so anyone able to lend a hand 
>get in touch.
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