[Imc-london] Indy's 5th birthday - FBI London party ideas

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nice one!! - a few ideas and questions

5 yrs of Indymedia...
is also....
10 Years of Schnews and Undercurrents... (both nov 94)
10 Years since the criminal justice act kicked in (nov 94)

And the bookfair and imc party date 27th November itself
IS TEN YEARS TO THE DAY since the start of the M11
Claremont road eviction (which ran 27th - fri 2nd dec I think)

So.... lets do a feature on these anniversaries (kriptick are you
working on anything? following
- should also get films to be shown re M11, indy, seattle, oh and
the new schnews at ten film (NB re venue how  many rooms?
is there a place for a cinema space?) - can we get some exhibition
pics? there must be quite a few claremont exhibitions around as
i've seen several over the years - maybe also print out some of the
old schnews PDFs and photocopy them up to A3 - maybe a few
old banners would be nice too - what about Indy exhibition stuff?
old offlines, old flyers and prop, pictures etc etc can we get the
'Subvertise!' exhibition (that goes with the film 'the corporation') and
which will be at the bookfair?

TWO weeks to go! - anyone one on the flyer case?


At 03:20 11/11/2004, andi wrote:
>hi all, below's what i mailed to the network list
>as you can see people in the meeting yesterday decided to
>go ahead with the party on the night of the anarchist
>bookfair, hehey!
>minutes of the meeting will surely be on this list soon...
>cheers andi
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>hi all,
>we had at last the decision last night on the london meeting to hold
>a Fifth Birthday of Insurrection party in london!
>it will take place in a lovely squat in St Georges Church, Tufnell
>Park where we will fill the nave with unholy sounds. it will be on
>the night after the anarchist bookfair happens, 27th of november.
>Peace No War CD will organise the line-up and the london crew will
>look after the door and the drinks.
>all of you who thought of coming down to lowdown to get a few books
>or t-shirts please join in! if you fancy give a helping hand to get
>the door or the drinks working your even more welcome :)
>and if you have your own books, flyers or t-shirts then bring them
>down and use the indy stall at the bookfair to spread the gear and
>word to the crowd.
>greets from the london posse...
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