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cool - the subvertise exhibition (series of ten posters) is confirmed.

on another note - there's another good party on that night post bookfair
that's been posted to the newswires and will give some stiff competition
for punters see below - so pre-flyering this wkend is very very important!
and getting outside the activist scene important too :)

some indy party flyer pics at:

Or munt on down to this after the bookfair:-

Senser ( top crusty band now reformed )
Inner Terrestrials (Punk as it should be )
Headjam (No introduction needed for this brilliant band )

Plus Ska, Breakz, D & B, Techno, Cafe, Fireshow and No attitude...
Siren, underground Sound, Special Needs Disco, Reknor.

02076445601 or 07969217481
ps What's your definition of a community centre? I haven't seen the doors 
open either.


At 12:07 17/11/2004, dean wrote:
>OK, I could pop to Synergy, no probs. Hopefully a few of us will be out n 
>about flyering this weekend anyhoo.
>re: decor - not sure if we've considered anything more than IMC banners 
>but the place is fairly colourful anyway.
>re: exhibition stuff - they're v interested in the displays. Best idea is 
>to get down there Monday eve for their meet and fill them in with more 
>detail. But def a v good idea, good space for that.
>re: lighting - good question!
>re: films - Mudge seems to have programmed for just a couple of hours of 
>cinema but there's potential for longer as prob we'll screen in a 
>different room to the main space. Personally I'd considered something like 
>the SchNews shorts or BeyondTV etc. Alt media material could be most relevant?
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>Subject: Re: [Imc-london] Birthday gig lineup, plus questions that need
>         answering...
>hey nice one - looking  really good :)
>quick thoughts / additional questions / stuff to add to the list below:
>re flyering - Synergy Project on sat 19th would be a good one
>(certainly someone could put posters up inside if they go
>during set up)
>decor - what's the score with venue decor
>- does it need additional banners etc
>(assume all indy ones will be there
>- what about other banners?)
>info displays / exhibition materials:
>Guy's 30-40 or so pic exhibition is with resonate and that can be used
>I'll print some old schnews issues (10 years and all that) and follow up
>with subvertise exhibition - anyone got any other ideas?
>lighting - assume venue sorts out all lighting etc
>re films - beyond the actual screening slot - do the bands bring their
>own visuals - or is there someone from the venue doing this?
>thinking that would be good to have visuals in the main room,
>we can bring vision mixer and DIY it  - could even ask marc if he's up
>for doing visuals as he does such great stuff :)
>Re film screenings - if its 8pm - 10pm that's not long...
>so what to show? feature films or shorts?...
>The corporation? (beyong tv and cma have copies
>- can we get the exhibition? I'll follow this up)
>there's an 18 minute taster and the full version
>M11 life in fastlane (10 yrs again?) (1 Hour 25 Minutes)
>- who has a decent copy? any othre similar suggestions?
>Weapons of mass destruction - inside the media war
>- danny schechter (1 Hour 40 mins) - we have dvd copy
>Schnews the movie - no idea how long but up to one hour
>   - is showing at bookfair but most will miss it
>- have mailed schnews about it
>- bookfair blurb has it scheduled for one hour and says:
>Who's in charge?
>This November SchNEWS celebrates ten years of reporting from the
>direct-action frontline. Since 1994 this "cheeky" A4 newssheet has been
>constantly in everyones face for 52 weeks of every year. As part of the
>SchNEWS at Ten festivities we have produced this film to give everyone a
>glimpse into how the SchNEWS is put together and the sort of stuff we've
>been up to in the last ten years. Using archive footage this film traces
>the SchNEWS from it's early days through to the present. All done in it's
>usual no nonsense approach and with a wicked soundtrack.
>At 15:16 16/11/2004, Peace Not War CD wrote:
> >OK, so the gig on the 27th is coming together:
> >
> >- the PA and most bands are confirmed.
> >- the venue is sorted and yes you can run a bar, and no it won't be
> >evicted before then
> >- The Rub is co-ordinating the gig (ie he is the "promoter"), along
> >with Planetman - they have lots of experience. The Rub is not able to
> >get email often enough now (phone cut off), so you should PHONE RUB on
> >07910004409
> >- stage manager on the night = Mudge.
> >- contact at the venue is Phoenix, and their "office" is
> >02076091283
> >- Dean and Andi generally best IMC contacts for the gig
> >
> >usually have a run-up time of 2 months, and you will have 8 days of
> >promotion once the flyers and posters are ready. I have seen plenty of
> >potentially full political/benefit gigs FLOP because of
> >insufficient/inefficient promotion. That means leaving Wednesday's
> >meeting with a roster of exactly which people will flyer exactly which
> >gigs/events/markets/students (I usually make up a spreadsheet and get
> >people to committ to particular times/places). But really your best
> >advertising is your website, so it should be blazing the middle column
> >ASAP!
> >
> >************* WHO IS DOING THE FLYERS and when can they be emailed to the
> >printer?
> >It's pointless having flyers unless they are ready by this Friday,
> >which means having the artwork done Tuesday or Wednesday. Phone Rub for
> >flyer info. An A3 version should also be emailed to Andi, who is printing
> >A3 posters on Thursday nite.
> >
> >
> >Please wait til next week to put the exact address online. This is what
> >you should put on indymedia.org.uk NOW:
> >____________
> >
> >Indymedia UK's 5th Birthday Party
> >Saturday 27 November, after the Anarchist Bookfair
> >
> >Fun~Da~Mental
> >Rhythms of Resistance Samba Band
> >The Rub (electronic set)
> >Penny Rimbaud (Crass)
> >The Unpeople
> >The Internationalz
> >Angel
> >Special guest: the Federal Bureau of Investigation
> >
> >8pm-4am, Tufnell Park community centre, entry by donation
> >All proceeds to fund new IMC servers.
> >_____________
> >
> >Schedule is
> >8pm-10=3D IMC films (can anyone tell us what films?)
> >10pm-2am = live bands
> >2am-4am = DJs
> >
> >THere is room for one more live act and one more DJ, but I've already
> >asked plenty of people, so it will fill up.
> >
> >
> >- finalize budget
> >- films?
> >- who is promoting which location/event?
> >- who is picking up flyers/posters and where can they be picked up from
> >(eg Rampart, TuffPk, Resonance etc)
> >- who is running the bar, doing the door etc? (should have one extra
> >person, eg Dean, not assigned to anything, to act as a
> >"troubleshooter" alongside the stage manager).
> >- how to get flyers out to the reliable IMC extended crew?
> >
> >
> >If we do all this preparation it will all go well and you'll have a
> >successful event. I can, at least, guarantee that the music will blow
> >everyone away.
> >
> >:-) Mudge
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