[Imc-london] IMC London projector

ana anap at riseup.net
Fri Nov 19 16:01:25 PST 2004


I can help getting the projector from comtech but i would need it back 
possibly on the same night because the following day is a hectic day for 
me and i have the second of the OpenOffice trainings...

Can people please email me if they are happy to be one of the 5-6 people 
to be on the comtech list of trusted people to pick up the projector? 
this is because there will be times where only the safety key holder 
will be there and he will not want to give the projector just to anyone ;-)



dean wrote:

>Hello Indys,
>I would like to get the projector to take to St Georges this Monday eve so we can go thru the set-up of a cinema space at the party. I'm not sure where it is tho. Is it still being used by CommTech? If so will it be free for Monday - and Saturday for the party? I can prob pick it up if needed.
>I'll be at St Georges Monday to also go over a few things concerning the party, so if anyone has any unanswered questions, queries, or anything...
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