[Imc-london] last week's list. meeting tonight LARC, and sunday 1pm at rampart

ana anap at riseup.net
Wed Oct 6 05:17:43 PDT 2004

Hi london indys,

just realised that no minutes were posted here from last meeting, just 
what i could remember on looking at this page,


and only to network list.

Texts To be written:

still need text for an indymedia leaflet.

Materials... to produce and to sell.... we decided not to produce 
t-shirts. (additional note: people from other indymedias in europe will 
take stuff here to sell to)
Exhibition Materials / Stalls – in the process of producing leaflets and 
Co-ordination / Volunteer Roles – need to sort out a rota to cover pic 
desk, video desk and bar

Creche / Childcare – talking of co-ordination with camden centre. Also 
talking of a small space in the camden centre but it will need to be 
self-managed by the parents and other volunteers!
Tech set up – a few people worked last Sunday at LARC and there was also 
some tech co-ordination with other spaces.
Live Streaming + Archiving the Events in Main Hall... there is a live 
radio streaming planned from ramparts and we'll be very happy to receive 
content already been produced, might be possible to stream content in 
other languages too.

TRAININGS – i am up for training people on linux programs (open office, 
gimp, mozilla) any more?

I guess 'reporting' to this list will be more and more scarce as the esf 
approaches, since we are all too busy doing stuff. there is already 
enough info on that wiki to get involved although the thing to do is 
coming to the meetings, and put your name down for tasks/working 
sessions, if you can't come to meetings i suggest you introduce 
yourselves here and say what you like doing and what days you are 
available. there is stuff to do even for people who like lazing around!



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