[Imc-london] Re: [Imc-uk-features] political art on indymedia newswires - 322807 reticked

mini mouse mini_mouse at riseup.net
Fri Sep 9 11:06:01 PDT 2005

Hi all

I think the issue here, without addressing each point individually, 
is to define what we consider "news" and therefore what the newswire 
is for.

I have no difficulty at all with these items being published on 
indymedia, but I can't see why a story that takes place in Australia 
ought to be on a London newswire (Banksy notwithstanding).

In fact looking at the article again, I'm not sure why it's news 
anywhere! So the topics pages are maybe where it should go, and we 
should consider promoting these a little more. (To be honest I wasn't 
even aware they were there until a good six months after I started 
reading indymedia).

I feel a lot better about the London newswire since people started to 
put in a bit of effort to keeping it (c)lean. I'm less sure about how 
parochial we should be with the UK newswire - I feel the links 
recently from the newswire to say, New Orleans IMC were perfectly 
valid, even thought it's a "world story". Having said that I just 
checked the World topic on IMC UK


and maybe that's the right place for it all to be - we just need to 
stop being so parochial and relegating "World" to a hidden away 
corner. Let's leave America to do that :-)

mini mouse

At 5:53 pm +0100 9/9/05, ionnek wrote:
>Hi features and imc-london,
>ftp wrote on the features list:
>322847/322807/ - London and uk unticked - Australian stories of little
>news value to people in the uk
>And Euan asked on imc-london what to do whith the banksy article on 
>the imc london newswire.
>I have re-ticked UK and London on 322807, that's the Banksy article. 
>It seems that things like the Banksy political protests are becoming 
>unacceptable for some of us, and I don't understand why. Doesn't 
>indymedia, well maybe the entire global movement, owe a lot to the 
>messy recombination of different social movements and political 
>articulations? Isn't that messyness the beauty of it all? Do we have 
>a problem with creative, artistic and musical means of protest? Are 
>we trying to ban everything that doesn't fit into the narrow box of 
>"grassroots political activism" from the general newswire? Are we 
>trying to turn the general UK newswire into a specialised 
>grassroots-direct-action newsletter? Are we closing down, are we on 
>the way to become a small, parochial leaflet-type website for the 
>internal news of one part of the movement? We say we are an "open 
>publishing platform", and I acknowledge that the banksy post was 
>left on the culture newswire. But shouldn't the general UK newswire 
>be just that, general? Shouldn't it give an impression of how varied 
>this movement still is?
>There seems to be a desire to make the general uk newswire more 
>consistent (and in a slightly different way, the london one as 
>well). Having an edited web-magazine would be another worthwhile 
>project,  but I don't think the UK newswire is the place where this 
>could be achieved.  If we are too heavy-handed on the UK newswire, 
>we might loose the backbone of the entire project - the variety of 
>people that use the open publishing. I believe that the topic pages 
>could go a long way for consistent thematic collaborative websites - 
>we have the technology! To make it work, I think that more than 
>hiding is needed. Basically teams who want to look after topic pages 
>and are not afraid of discussions.
>I also reticked London on the Banksy post, for an additional reason. 
>Banksy's work, whatever people might think about his big show some 
>time ago, is very very very London, and the posting included a link 
>to his website. Much of the material on this website is as london as 
>you get, graffities in recognisable London public spaces, reclaiming 
>them for those of us who imagine that "another world is possible", 
>still. Even if Banksy is now doing stuff abroad, he is still a kind 
>of London figure, and I for one am interested in what he is doing. 
>Kind of a correspondent type of thing.
>I hope you don't read this post not as an attack on those who are 
>cleaning the newswire, but as a contribution to an ongoing debate. I 
>have this fear that we are closing down and I don't like it. What do 
>others think - am I a very small minority with my unease?

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