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maqui maqui at syndicate.org.uk
Fri Sep 9 14:26:56 PDT 2005


A very quick note, just to say that I *strongly* support what ionnek 
says below. I also think that Indymedia's description of what is 
'political' should be much broader than the usual 'activist' milieu.

For me, if there's anything significantly different and inspiring from 
UK political activism is that it has consistently feed from creativity, 
whilst combining direct action with art, performance, music, or 
whatever else ... Otherwise what was RTS in the mid 90's, Pink and 
Silver and samba after that, Clowns more recently, and before all that 
the almighty free festi/techno rave/anti-cjb era?

Let's build bridges and not go back to the gheto.


(with all *due* respect and solidarity to *all* indy-uk admins)

On Friday, September 9, 2005, at 05:29  pm, ionnek wrote:

> Hi features and london,
> ftp wrote on the features list: 322847/322807/ - London and uk 
> unticked - Australian stories of little
> news value to people in the uk.
> And Euan asked on the imc london list what to do with the banksy post.
> I have just reticked 322802 UK and London on the Banksy post, that's 
> 322807.
> The reason for this is that I am a bit worried about what gets 
> hidden/unticked on the general newswires. It seems that for some of 
> us, creative protest like the banksy graffities has become 
> unacceptable. Really, I don't understand why. The beauty of indymedia, 
> well, maybe this entire global movement, owes a lot to its messy 
> openness, the recombination of art, politics, creativity, protest, all 
> that. So why are we trying to restrict indymedia to something like a 
> straight direct action newsletter? Don't we want to let the different 
> movements, the different political articulations communicate on this 
> open web-platform? Do we resent graffity as a way to reclaim public 
> space? Do we resent art, creativity, music as a way to express our 
> politix??
> I don't think that the general UK newswire should be restricted to 
> direct action and anti-globalisation rants. Well, somebody else should 
> give a better description of what we are at the moment, with all this 
> hiding, trying to achieve. But my fear is that we are closing the 
> general uk newswire down, and I don't like it. That's why i have 
> re-ticked UK.
> I have re-ticked London for an additional reason. Although this 
> particular post refers to something in Australia, it gives a link to 
> the banksy website. Most of the material there is very very very much 
> "london". Banksy, whatever people might think about his big show a few 
> years ago, is a london local artist, a lot of his work is still 
> publicly visible on london walls, a reminder that yes, there are 
> people who see "another world being possible". If he is now doing 
> stuff abroad, he is still an interesting london figure, and therefore 
> this post should definitely stay on the london newswire. If london 
> indymedia links to a wide range of local london art and community 
> projects along with grassroots activism, and political campaigns, this 
> is an asset, not a diversion!
> I understand that there is a desire to pull together the indymedia 
> newswires, make them more consistent. At the same time, I don't 
> believe that we want to become an edited web magazine (which would be 
> another worthwhile project!!)  I believe using the topic pages could 
> go a long way to provide some more thematic collaborative websites (or 
> collaborative blogs, to use this buzzword). But we should keep the 
> startpage varied! Otherwise, we will loose the backbone of indymedia - 
> the diversity of people who post to the newswire. Some imcs have a 
> real problem because only one small part of the movements uses their 
> open publishing newswire, and as a result, they are in danger of 
> becoming parochial. I really don't want to go this way with imc uk!
> I hope this posting doesn't come across as an attack to those who 
> clean the newswire. It is meant as a contribution to the ongoing 
> debate on what indymedia is/ could be / should be. Are there others 
> who are worried about our closing down of the uk newswire?
> best
> ionnek
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