[Imc-london] Re: Synergy Nov 11th

deano at aktivix.org deano at aktivix.org
Mon Sep 12 04:39:50 PDT 2005

Hello Edwina,

well we're definately up for getting into Synergy. I put it to the other London
Indymedia folk and I've already spoken to Josef too. So we're looking at a
monthly screening event at the Synergy space, and showing some films at the
Synergy event November 11th, right? I'll get to a Wednesday meeting at the
space soon to go over what we can do there with a monthly spot, but what about
the November date? We should probably get together as soon as poss, unless we
can do it via email n fone. We'd like to show positive examples of activism and
creative media including perhaps some humour, but we are of course open to
suggestions on what will be most fitting for a Synergy event. Hope to hear from
you soon.




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