[Imc-london] memorial for carlos

maqui maqui at syndicate.org.uk
Tue Nov 20 11:25:31 PST 2007

Hi Sandy

Thanks for this link. Un has already added it to the upcoming events of 
the imc-london site.

As for a feature, the way it works in imc-london (and in imc-uk for 
that matter) is that anyone can put together a feature and propose it 
to the list. Indymedia is an open and participative project, so 
features get done when someone makes them. Imc volunteers are already 
quite busy maintaining the website and doing general indy work.

But I think a feature about this would definitely make sense, specially 
after the memorial has taken place on Saturday, and hopefully someone 
will add a report on the newswire. From that report a feature can then 
be put together.

There's already quite a lot of info about the Carlo's murder in the 
newswires, so it'd be great if you could put up a report of saturday's 
memorial, and also maybe add links to the background info of the case. 
Then, if you send it to the list someone will put it in the middle 

Thanks again

one at imc london.

On Monday, November 19, 2007, at 04:13  pm, Sandy Hale wrote:

> could yout stick the callout for the memorial for the murdered 
> antifascist in your upcoming events? or make it a feature?
> article here:
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/london/2007/11/386123.html
> cheers,
> The AF
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