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Hi Tim,

It seems perhaps that you misunderstand what indymedia is. Indymedia doesnt have anyone working for it and does not send reporters to cover events. Indymedia provides a platforms for grassroots activists to tell there own story. You can read the editorial guidelines online and publish your own reports if you think it appropriate.

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Dear Indymedia

We would like you to cover the event, I was wondering if Mark is still working with you if so hopefully he can come. 

Deborah Leng (International Model and Roger Taylors former patner) is going to come and support the launch of the Global appeal to the UN. The petition is already supported by MIA, Brian May, Massive Attack and Bianca Jagger and there are many others which we are approaching that have supported our appeals in the past. 

We can ask the SC directly for an investigation but we believe we should first try and get the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) on board (who once shamefully supported SL but were perhaps unaware of the severity of the abuses) and get them to request the SC to initiate an investigation. To help pressure the members of the HRC, we are launching our Global celebrity backed petition addressed to all of the present members calling upon them to propose and pass a motion requesting the SC to initiate an investigation.

The text bellow is the appeal petition and this will be printed on a scroll which will be  signed by all the celebrities. The appeal will also go online on Wednesday the 18th May. 

The recent UN's Secretary General's Advisory Panel of Experts report on Accountability in Sri Lanka clearly indicates that there is strong evidence that violations of human rights and international law took place in the end period of the Sri Lankan military offensive up to May 2009. The Secretary General has stated that it is the UN Security Council that must decide upon what action should be taken as a result of its findings. We the undersigned therefore call upon you (as a Human Rights Council member) to propose and support a motion to the Security Council asking that they establish an independent international mechanism as recommended by said report. 


Should that motion be passed and/or a SC vote takes place that supports an investigation and as a result evidence is then unearthed which shows that war crimes definitely took place (we believe enough evidence is already in the public domain e.g. via C4) then the second, later demand must be that the Security Council engages the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate trials.

Please call me if you need any further info.

Many Thanks

Tim Martin 
Director Act Now

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