[Imc-mayday-collective] Outdated duplicates appearing on newswire.

anargeek chris at anargeek.net
Sun May 8 04:06:39 PDT 2011


On Sun 08-May-2011 at 11:56:03AM +0100, Mr. Demeanour wrote:
> I would prefer the UK newswire to default to only showing articles
> submitted to the UK site. I think the straight UK newswire is on the
> whole superior to the aggregated content.


> Perhaps we could have a second box (beneath the UK wire) for
> aggregated content; or a user toggle that switches on merged
> aggregated content.

I'd suggest a user toggle.

> We did something with cookies to select only promoted articles; we
> could do something similar with offsite articles.
> In principle the toggle could be Javascript/CSS, i.e. the raw page
> contains both types of content, but aggregated material is hidden in
> the default CSS?

This can be done so it doesn't depend on Javascript or CSS or cookies
(though cookies could optionally be available to store users

All the best


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