[MKE - Indymedia] PRESS RELEASE: Milwaukee Musicians Rock to Send Students to Venezuela

Erik Sperling esperling at igc.org
Fri Apr 8 07:50:01 PDT 2005

Milwaukee Musicians Rock to Send Students to Venezuela

Popular local musicians will be coming together this Saturday, April 16,
2005, to rock and raise money to help send young Milwaukeeans to the 16th
World Youth and Student Festival in Caracas, Venezuela. Included in the
lineup: Ifihadahifi, Doom Buggy, Wolfbite, Juiceboxxx, The Box Social, and
Bob Gun. The show also marks Ifihadahifi’s 5th anniversary as a band.

The show will begin at 5pm and take place at the Shorewood Legion Hall,
located at 4121 N. Wilson Drive. Tickets are $7 at the door, but $5 pre-show
tickets are available at Atomic Records.

The festival movement grew out of the ashes of the Second World War, when
thousands of youth and students assembled in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1948
to proclaim that the youth would never again allow the horrors of fascism to
terrorize the world. Since then, the festival has blossomed into an ongoing
forum for progressive youth from all over the planet. The Milwaukee group
will join many hundreds of other youth from the United States that will be
making the trip.

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