[MKE - Indymedia] notice of mayday events

Modemand Guitar ati at indymedia.org
Wed Apr 27 06:10:11 PDT 2005


is broken at mke indy this moment.

We got an email from someone who'd like the following posted as 
soon as it's working again. 

Greetings! We're very excited about this march and are trying to tell as many people about the event
as possible. As it says on the flyer, the parade starts Sunday, May 1 in Kern park on humboldt and
keefe (right by peace action!) at around 11:30am. From there we march to cathedral square park where
we'll have a picnic. We will bring some free food to the picnic but it would be great if people brought
food too, even if just for themselves. We hope to make it to cathedral square park around 1:30pm. We
are bringing some home-made drums but we encourage everyone to bring noisemakers if they'd like. The
parade is mainly a celebration of may day as an international labor holiday. However, we are also
marching against war, racism, and any other issues people feel are important. Please spread this
information any way you can and I hope to see you there Sunday.


I'll post this to Madison and Chicago for them as those are some neighboring imc's 
and also the us.indymedia.org page.

Please tell any other lists you're in about these events and any other ones you 
know about. 


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