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Charlie Hardy, the speaker this Sunday at 5pm, is a former priest who has lived in Venezuela, with the poor for many years, and has a book as well as being a regular blogger about what is going on there.  Well respected, and a very nice and insightful person. --Art H.

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"Cowboy in Caracas" author visits Milwaukee
Former priest Charlie Hardy has worked in the Venezuela slums for nearly a decade
Sunday, February 21, 5pm
Brewing Grounds for Change Coffeeshop
2008 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
Join Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=302096868236

Important Milwaukee Latin America solidarity meetings
Monday, March 1, at the Peace Action Center, 1001 E. Keefe:
6pm- Stop Killer Coke (at UWM) Coalition meeting 
7pm- Latin America Solidarity Committee monthly meeting
8pm-8:30pm- Milwaukee-Carora (Venezuela) Sister Cities Committee meeting


Venezuela's Revolution: A View from the Barrios
with "Cowboy in Caracas" author Charlie Hardy

Sunday, February 21, 5pm
Brewing Grounds for Change Coffeeshop
2008 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

Join this event on Facebook and invite your friends! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=302096868236

A former priest and native of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Narco News columnist Charles Hardy has more than 20 years of experience as an international correspondent in Venezuela. For nearly a decade, Charlie Hardy has worked with the poor of the barrios of Caracas, Venezuela. This event offers a rare opportunity to hear about the Bolivarian Revolution from their viewpoint. For more information, see www.cowboyincaracas.com.

Filmmaker Saul Landau described Charlie's book as "an antidote to the poisonous US government mantra against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Ironically, Cowboy isn't about Chávez, but about the exciting processes he has helped initiate and about the awakening of Venezuela's poor whom the US media neglects." 

"Charlie Hardy has given us a unique perspective on the Chavista revolution as viewed from a cardboard shack on a hillside barrio in Caracas. Writing in a graceful and conversational style in a series of vignettes, Hardy conveys with genuine affection and admiration the dignity and courage of the ordinary people of Venezuela --people whom the Western media, ensconced in fine hotels or tony apartments, only know as maids and waiters. A reader comes away understanding both why Hugo Chávez is loved by these people--and why the U.S. Government is trying so hard to oust him. With the Bush administration still trying to demonize Chávez and his backers, this book is a must read for all Americans--a must read that you won't be able to put down."--Dave Lindorff, columnist for Counterpunch and co-author of The Case for Impeachment.

"Before we take one more bite of the toxic propaganda sandwich our government offers us to nourish their view that Hugo Chávez is a monster suppressing the poor of Venezuela, read this fine book by Charles Hardy, a former Catholic priest from the United States who spent 8 years tending and nurturing the poor in the cardboard slums of Caracas. Even if you choose to ignore that Chávez was democratically elected three times by his own people and defended by them from a US instigated coup, this book will make indelibly clear, the economic horror and chaos foisted on the Venezuelan people by the IMF, World Bank, and free-market privateers. When you understand the grinding, debilitating poverty our nation and its institutions have wrought on the Venezuelan people, it will take you a long way toward appreciating the Presidency of the man they consider their savior, Hugo Chávez. Read this important book, and drop the propaganda sandwich in the trash where it belongs."--Peter Coyote, actor/writer


Important Milwaukee Latin America meetings

Monday, March 1, 2010, at the Peace Action Center, 
1001 E. Keefe (one block west of Humboldt):
6pm- Stop Killer Coke (at UWM) Coalition meeting 
7pm- Latin America Solidarity Committee monthly meeting
8pm-8:30pm- Milwaukee-Carora Sister Cities Committee meeting

Stop Killer Coke Coalition meeting at 6pm
Please join us to continue work to pressure UWM administrators to reject Coke products on campus. In the next few months, they will be deciding on the 5-year contract for the vending machines, and we do not think our school, with its unionized workforce, should support a company that has colluded with Colombian paramilitaries to disappear and murder union organizers at Coke bottling plants in Colombia! This newly formed coalition is supported by Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society, Progressive Students of Milwaukee, and Latin America Solidarity Committee Milwaukee. 

Monthly meeting of Latin America Solidarity Committee at 7pm
This month we have a lot of exciting items on the agenda. We will be discussing our upcoming events, including visits by Honduran doctors and democratic resistance figures Luther Castillo and Juan Almendares, a visit May 5 from economist Mark Weisbrot, a major adviser to a number of progressive Latin American governments (see www.cepr.net for more info), along with several others. We will also be discussing our 5th annual film series in late April. Additionally, we will be moving forward on our campaign to pressure Milwaukee's CG Corporation to drop a $100 million lawsuit against the government of El Salvador for having denied them permits to continue environmentally destructive mineral mining. And much more...

Milwaukee-Carora (Venezuela) Sister Cities Committee meeting from 8pm-8:30pm
With Mayor Barrett having signed the Sister City agreement with his Caroran counterpart, there is much fun and exciting work to do to work for the hermanamiento ("sistering") of our cities and nations! Join us to brainstorm and undertake projects with our friends in Carora.

Hope to see you there (even if it's your first meeting). Thank you for your continued interest and support!

The volunteer staff of the Latin America Solidarity Committee

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