[Imc-nena] RevUp31 is An Antioxidant

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Sun Jul 18 13:08:30 PDT 2010


This is something I've been really getting into lately and I wanted send it your way.

I was recently told about a new nutritional supplement called RevUp31 and 

it sounded so good I actually bought it 

(-:RevUp31 contains an antioxidant called Resveratrol that comes from the skin of red grapes. 
The benefits of Resveratrol have been associated with increasing your life-span, anti-aging, 
weightloss, lowering cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, 
combating an unhealthy diet, and the list goes on. 

You can look on the site where I bought it and watch some interesting videos about Resveratrol. 
They've got interviews with the guys who discovered it, interviews on 60 Minutes, 
and a bunch of other ones. 

The main idea about Resveratrol is that it activates gene #31 in our bodies 
which is termed the "longevity gene". They say this gene is typically inactive in our bodies, 
but studies show that numerous benefits have resulted from people who for some reason or another, 
have a more active gene 31 than most.

There's lots of ways that this gene 31 can become activated, 
and when I read that the Resveratrol is RevUp31 was one of them I bought it. 

The company I bought it from is also called RevUp31. 

Their website link is below:


I think you should check this out!

Allan dj


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