[Imc-neworleans] New storm link on site NOLA IMC

Will goliath at phxarts.com
Thu Sep 22 17:35:31 PDT 2005

Could whoever added the storm link in the upper left of the site, switch
it to a target=\"new\" style link

I had a look around for it, but couldn't locate the link.


-- Will

> On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Will wrote:
>> I am not aware of which IRC you are speaking of?
>> The main use of them I have heard used is for staughton management
>> issues,
>> which is how it has always been.
>> It seems sort of over dramatic to say there are lots of decisions being
>> made.  The site is flowing as always, with the only big change being
>> that
>> the usual story posting method is being subverted by the use of the
>> HTML,
>> which basically people have agreed as pretty effective and have allowed
>> to
>> flow for the present.  Cammie and I discussed this, and while it put
>> modifying hte site out of her hands, she is also pretty busy, and gave
>> her
>> ok to this change.
>> Instead of using vagueties, could we see some example of the 'many
>> decisions'?  Because I have my doubts.
> there is a channel called #neworleans on irc.indymedia.org which I
> created during the CAFTA protests of summer 2003.  it was used briefly
> then, and then for about two years I was the only person on the channel :)
> (since then folks from the various IMC groups we host here in pittsburgh
> have used the #staughton channel for tech stuff, including NOLA like Will
> said).  by the way, if folks want to join there is a nice web interface,
> click here: http://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=neworleans
> a lot of other IMCs (including Pittsburgh, where I live now) use IRC
> frequently for non-critical realtime discussion.  In the past indymedia
> tried to hold global network-wide meetings that way, which sometimes
> worked, but hasn't been tried recently.  Various tech working groups
> still hold international meetings that way.  Anyway, when New Orleans
> overnight became a focus of worldwide attention, suddenly a lot of
> the IRC regulars wanted to join the channel and talk about what was
> going on.
> I wouldn't say that many decisions have been made that way.  It has
> been my main form of communication with Bradley (santacruz IMC) and
> Patrick (NYC) and so I set them up with logins and they've been a
> huge force (along with Christian and Brian and others) in keeping
> the site alive and busy.  Jenka was added very recently, she was in
> touch with Bradley and Bradley contacted me, I encouraged him to
> create a login for her.  She has been doing indymedia work literally
> around the world for many years, and is (or was a few days ago) on the
> ground in New Orleans.
> I wouldn't claim that anything close to a consensus process has been
> happening with New Orleans Indymedia, but given the circumstances we
> didn't think violating process was as important as keeping the site
> alive. (Also, for the sake of transparency, I will be happy to provide
> logs of all discussion on the channel)
> So I'd like to thank all of the folks outside of New Orleans who
> put a lot of time into the site since the storm -- including,
> and sorry to whoever I forget, Patrick, Christian, Brian, Bradley,
> Vinny, Blank, Jenka ... I guess me, too.  But at some point we'll
> have to turn the site back over to the locals, when they're ready.
> So I'll defer to the wishes of the local collective.
> I also wholeheartedly support giving Andrea access to whatever she
> needs to continue doing the great work she has been doing!
> -matt
> ps - my travel plans were delayed, but i do hope to be in town
> by early next week.  i can't tell you all how much i appreciate
> the work everyone is doing to help out the grassroots efforts!!

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