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A Streetcar Set Afire sounds good, is catchy without being completely
cliche, but what kind of message are we getting across...what do others


On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 6:34 PM, <mtoups at indymedia.org> wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Matthew Olson wrote:
>  Proofread, help finish events listing and letter of purpose of the
> > publication!
> >
> Hey, I hope the meeting goes well, I was really impressed with the draft
> sent out a couple of weeks ago.  I had a few small comments I meant to send
> earlier, let me see if I can get em in before the meeting.  (Maybe some of
> these things have already been addressed by now)
> - some photos have photo credits, some don't -- it would be good to have
> photo credits for all of them.  (the shipyard workers photo is great, who
> took it?)
> - in some of the newswire briefs, it was kind of confusing to figure out
> which website address corresponded to which story, are they above or below
> the story?
> - some authors have email addresses, other's don't -- should this be more
> standardized?
>  Does "The Streetcar: New Orleans Indymedia Quarterly" as a title work (or
> > for some reason not work) for people?
> > If it doesn't please offer up something else!
> >
> Well, at first this didn't sound great to me, I like riding the streetcar
> as much as the next person, but by itself it kind of makes me think of the
> tourist attraction aspect of it.  Unfortunately I think that's the modern
> perception of it, but I doubt it is what this newspaper is going for.  But
> then I thought, maybe a reference to the 1929 streetcar strike would be a
> bit more on topic?  (I bet there are some great photos from those days that
> could be used for a masthead or some other visual element)
> Did "arise" get thrown out?  Another thing I was thinking was something
> like "A Streetcar Named ___" (admittedly a bit cliche).  Let's see...
> - A Streetcar Named Arise
> - A Streetcar Named (defiance/resistance/rebellion/indy-something?)
> - A Streetcar Set Afire
> Deciding on a title is tough, so I hope this is helpful, and I don't want
> to cause any delays - so do whatcha gotta do!  I can't wait to see the final
> edition!
> -matt

hugs for all.

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