[Imc-nh-editorial] a newswire post

Nick Copanas nick.copanas at unh.edu
Fri Nov 4 09:41:56 PST 2005

There is a post on the elsewhere section to draw attention to a .com site:

It is nearly identical to another advertisement for this site posted in 


Two things:

First, I think the post is basically a duplicate of the June post, though 
there's less content in this recent post than in the June post.  There's 
no more content in this post than what was displayed in June.

If it's a duplicate it should be deleted.  I am inclined to think this is 
a duplicate.

My second point:  I suggest editors visit the site 
<http://www.oneglobalcommunity.com> The site designers may have good 
intentions, but the merchandising dominates the site content.  I am not 
saying the post on NH IMC is a product advertisement.  It is, however, 
clearly an ad for a commercial site.  It is not an article, review or 
announcement that links to a commercial site.  It is not even an 
article, review or an announcement.  The purpose of the post is 
to advertise a commercial site.

To demonstrate that this post is an advertisement, replace 
OneGlobalCommunity.net with Geocities.com, Livejournal.com or Myspace.com 
(commercial blogging sites,) so that the post reads:


Jump In *Anytime* Help Create
A Global Network of People & Community Centers
In Every Neighborhood, Village, Town, Tribe & City
All Connected Together With ( Web Sites ) ( & Blogs )
Created, Built & Maintained By and 4 All of Us
Every-Where - All Around - Our - Planet Earth"

I have said before that I think we should change the editorial policy to 
commercial advertising.  As for this post, I see no reason to continue 
hosting it.  It is a duplicate, it adds no content to the site, and it is 
an advertisement for a commercial site.


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