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Rob Wolff rcwolff at cisunix.unh.edu
Fri Jul 6 19:27:28 PDT 2007

spud hasn't replied to any emails on the dadaimc listserv for a long time, 
and development for the site software has stopped.  We should probably 
migrate to a new cms sometime.  I was thinking wordpress or drupal.

Seeing no dissent, I will disable the otherpress mod.


On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, doabbs wrote:

> I support disabling the otherpress section.   It can always be
> re-enabled if a fix ever presents itself.  Any word if spud is aware
> of this issue?
> -Art
> On 6/22/07, Rob Wolff <rcwolff at cisunix.unh.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> The otherpress section has been overrun with spam.
>> The "articles," predictably, are advertisements for prescription drugs and
>> porn.  Because there is no batch deletion option in the editor interface
>> for otherpress articles, I'm deleting it directly from the database.  I
>> hope this is okay.  It's literally hundreds of entries.
>> This happened because there is no spam filter (the code you have to enter
>> to post an article) for the otherpress section, and has been going on for
>> some time.
>> We should probably consider either figuring out how to put a spam filter
>> on otherpress or removing the module entirely.  I lean towards the latter,
>> because I think otherpress is less used (like the media gallery) and
>> putting a spam filter is work I'd rather devote to other tech projects,
>> like getting embedded video on the site... but I'll go with consensus.
>> Thoughts?
>> rob
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