[imc-northern] The RCG and the hidden announcement of their meeting: Bankrupt Politics, Corrupt Economy

mark mark at aktivix.org
Sun Aug 16 02:21:36 PDT 2009

Hi Chris,

anargeek wrote:
> Hi
> I don't agree with this event annoucement being hidden:
> - Public Meeting: Bankrupt Politics, Corrupt Economy
>   http://northern-indymedia.org/events/89
> I think that it would be better to follow the approach that UK IMC
> evolved which is one of basically accepting almost all event
> announcements (on the protest.net site) from progressive / radical /
> left etc etc groups and only hiding articles from socialist / communist
> groups when they are saying "join our party" or "vote for us" type
> things.

Chris, if I understand you correctly you're disagreeing with our
editorial guidelines, rather than Jimdog's application of them? The
guideline says no plugging of hierarchical organisations, RCG are such,
so Jimdog's moderation is correct.

What you seem to be saying is that we should use the same editorial
guidelines as IMC UK, despite IMC Northern England having had many long
discussions before consensually agreeing our own guidelines. That is
rather insulting.

> I think they should be allowed to post announcements of their events to
> the site.
> I'm not a fan of left sects / cults but the RCG strike me as one of the
> few who have organised some decent protests (this is based on the ones I
> have seen reported on UK IMC) and their political understanding of
> Empire and racism are clearly better than most -- I don't think they
> deserve to be treated so harshly.

They do have an understanding of the workings of empire and the links
between exploitation of the global poor and the experience of migrant
populations in the global north, including racism. However the remedies
they propose are authoritarian; they place the interests of states above
those of people, in keeping with their Leninist tradition. As they have
no critique of power per se, only of its manifestations as capital,
their proposed solutions (dictatorships with centrally planned
economies) are no less oppressive than what they would replace, as
history shows.

> I think it would be a positive contribution to the site if their reports
> of protests were posted to Northern Indymedia as well as IMC UK.

I don't object to their protests bring reported, as I said here [1].
What I object to is them using our site, where we clearly set ourselves
against all forms of oppression, as a platform to organise or promote



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