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Thu Jan 20 08:13:24 PST 2011

Quoting theinnercityhippy at riseup.net:

> Hey all
> This might seem like an unusual proposal but I want to propose that we
> feature the statement by Mark Barnsley that has been posted exclusively to
> our site.
> http://northern-indymedia.org/articles/1270
> I know that press hysteria is flying around a lot at the moment, and that
> we shouldn't add to it, but this is a sensible, well written and timely
> statement that deserves all the prominence we can give it.
> In particular it would diminish the ability for certain elements of the
> state/mainstream press to blacken the names of others they see as
> 'problems' such as Mark B by hanging their names on the coattails of this
> story. This is a useful service we can provide to the community around us.
> 24 hrs for objections
> JD


No major objections but a few things:

1) no picture, would be a shame to have a featured item without one

2) I think we should check with Marky B first

3) We really need to write up a feature ourselves on all of this on Indymedia.  One on PC Watson but I am wating on the Common Place.  If someone wants to start something on Crabgrass please go for it.  It should / could be linked with the Common Place article that we have started about the council demanding monies.


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