[Imc-nottingham] INVITATION: independent media convergence, London, 14-15 May

yossarian yossarian at aktivix.org
Tue Apr 19 07:33:57 PDT 2005

Hello, Nottingham,

I sent this invitation yesterday to all the other UK IMCs, but forgot
about you because you're not (yet) in the cities list.  Welcome to
Indymedia!  Good luck with everything, and feel free to ask for help
from the other UK collectives if you need to.


Hi there,

Although the decision to have it was made at the last Network Meeting in
Bristol, nobody has yet formally invited the entire network to the
independent media convergence in London on 14-15 May 2005.  This
convergence will hopefully involve a lot of imc-uk people (it does
already) as well as many other groups and individuals.  We've currently
got a great place sorted out in central London as a venue, and people
coming from all over Europe to plan coverage of the G8.

The convergence will be an open space where people can get together to
make practical plans about editorial, radio, video and photo coverage,
as well as figuring out the issues surrounding the tech setup of the
media centre and a mobile media vehicle that goes where the action is.
We would very much like to see everybody from Indymedia UK plug into the
convergence and help plan stuff, and it's also a great time to encourage
people who aren't involved in Indymedia to check things out.  This is
not going to be a meeting to talk about the UK network, it's very much a
hands-dirty, practical planning meet to figure out how G8 coverage will
work.  We also want people from other media outfits and campaigns, and
individuals with weird skills (maybe we could build a live
wireless-internet video mobile unit during the weekend?)

So, it would be great if many of you can make it.  If you're coming,
it'd be good to know so we can get a decent estimate of how many people
are coming beforehand - there's a registration form and callout
available at http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/static/convergence.html

There is also a status update available at:

The infamous G8 media wiki is at:

And finally a video invitation is at:

Anybody who wants to help out, wants further info, has questions about
what the convergence is all about, how it will work, etc., feel free to
either email me directly ( yossarian AT aktivix dot org ) or email the
g8 media planning list at imc-g8-2005 at lists dot indymedia dot org

Hope to see you there!

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