[imc-nyc-audio] Re: equip ? from video 2 audio!!

tarikh korula tk at angel.net
Wed Aug 18 13:58:51 PDT 2004

i'm fwding this to the list. if you don't hear back, do what you need to do.

i'm not sure whose equipment is what anymore.


On 8/18/04 3:32 PM, "Athame11 at aol.com" <Athame11 at aol.com> wrote:

> Hey Tarikh,
> This is Rine, do you know anything about the 2 boxes of equipment outside the
> video/audio room?   i think they're video but want to make sure befire i bring
> them to the downtown IMC.
> Also, can we move all the broken and o.k. PC's in the audio/video room to the
> space friday?
> could you copy me your lists?   (see below)
> Thanks!
> Rine
> Blacked Out Media TV
> NYC Indymedia Photo & Video
> New York City Independent Media Center
> 34 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor
> New York, New York 10016
> 212.684.8112
>  hi Rine,
>      i know that i don't often comment to the mediaspace list so this may seem
> like i'm coming out of nowhere.
>      anyhow, i am here and do my best to read all the emails on the mediaspace
> listserve to keep abreast, relaying information to the sound coalition.
>      just wanted to let you know that Tarikh sent to Rebecca a wish list, as
> per her request.  (i am assuming that she was gathering this from all
> working groups -> hence, perhaps you want to contact her about what she
> has?)
> FYI: His email is tk at angel.net
> keep up the excellent work.
> see you weds
> - andrew
> NoRNC Sound Coaltion
>> > Also, I'm going to keep a list of all the equipment mentioned on the list
>> > from now on....   (an additional page to the coputer equipment list :)
>> >

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