[imc-nyc-audio] CKUT Radio: Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Stefan Christoff christoff at resist.ca
Wed Aug 25 11:59:26 PDT 2004

CKUT Radio: Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Listen to an interview with Mahmoud Ziadi, spokes person of the Committee
for the Families of Political Prisoners and Detainees in the West Bank.
The interview focuses on the current hunger strike of more than 7000
Palestinian political prisoners throughout Occupied Palestine, while also
drawing the links between the current hunger strike and the ongoing
Palestinian struggle for liberation from the deadly and illegal Israeli

The Palestinian hunger strike, which began on Sunday August 15th, has
stressed simple and direct demands to the Israeli authorities and the
international community concerning the globally condemned humanitarian
crisis within Israeli prisons, such calling for an end to the arbitrary
and indiscriminate beating of prisoners in their cells, in prison
courtyards and during transportation to and from prisons, the
indiscriminate firing of tear gas into prisoner's cells and prison
courtyards. Regular humiliating strip searches of prisoners in full view
of other prisoners and guards each time they enter or exit their cells and
subjecting prisoners to solitary confinement for excessive periods of
time, for months and even years.

-> To listen / download the interview with Mahmoud Ziadi visit:

-> For more info about the ongoing Palestinian hunger strike visit:

The International Solidarity Movement

The Right of Return Coalition


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