[IMC-NYC-Editorial] protester web clip hosting

David Hou davidhou at mac.com
Sun Oct 31 12:19:12 PST 2004

Hi Guys,

I'm working on a small 3 minute web clip based on the RNC protests. 
It's aimed at swing voters and essentially it's to show that you don't 
have to be an anarchist or battling with the police to be a protester - 
a protester is just like you and me - and the clip shows just that.

time permitting, i'd like to finish it up tonight and get it online 
somewhere for people to watch or download by the morning of Nov 1, so 
that people coming into work Monday morning can start emailing the link 
around. (cause let's be honest, people love to watch stuff on the web 
at work) Hopefully it can plant the idea in undecided voters, or even W 
supporters, that there's nothing wrong with people disagreeing with the 

If you guys could refer me via email (or phone) to someone who wouldn't 
mind contributing the server space, that would great!

I can email you a ROUGH cut, pixelated and without sound, if you'd like 
to see it - it's a 5 MB email attachment.

thanks for your time,

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