[IMC-NYC-Editorial] login name as prerequisite to posting

daniel scott danscott at rumpus.rackhost.net
Wed Sep 15 11:52:40 PDT 2004

i think that we should have login into the site as a prerequisite for 

1. make the login immediate with the only requirement being a handle 
- you can still do anonymous postings since no info or confirmation is 
required for a login name and pass.
- you cant use someone elses name
- it will make moderation much easier now that we can view my name of 

2. give options to receive emails, become a imc supporter, get meeting 
announcements, ect

3. Also, there should be a five minute delay before a post goes up. 
this kills the immediate satisfaction trolls get when they see there 
bullshit posted. it also slows the instant satisfaction of regular 
posters, but i think its worth it.

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