[imc-nyc-photo] Call for Submissions: GAS Retrospective

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Wed Jul 14 23:49:56 PDT 2004

Hey photo,
Here is the rough draft for text.  Do we need to include the websites of GAS 
and NYC-IMC?  I will call Lea tomorrow to find out about digital specs to add. 
Please read critically and suggest improvements- I tried to keep it to one 
page for the sake of brevity, but I’m not sure if I’ve forsaken clarity in the 
process. Guess that’s what a kick-ass Prince concert does to ya. :)  Let's get 
this thing polished and ready to slap in the mail/email tomorrow. 

See most of you tomorrow,

Blacked-Out Media TV
Collective member, NYC-IMC Video & Photo Teams
New York City Independent Media Center
34 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor
NY, New York

Organized by the NYC-IMC Photo Collective
To be held at the Gigantic Art Space Gallery in Soho, NYC
Opens August 13th, 2004 6-8 p.m.

The New York City Independent Media Center (NYC-IMC) Photo Collective is 
proud to announce a collaborative show at the GAS Gallery in New York City.  The 
theme of the exhibition is independent photojournalism in New York, and the 
documentation of issues surrounding social justice, democracy, and dissent.  GAS 
director Lea Rekow is helping organize this exhibit, which celebrates the 
timeless combination of art and activism!  

We’re looking for photos from the past and present, images that mark the 
trials, tribulations, and successes of social movements within the context of New 
York City history.  It could be a photo taken at a civil rights march in the 
1960’s, or an image taken only weeks ago.  From healthcare to prisoner’s 
rights, NYC has always been a hotbed of people inspired to affect change.  This 
exhibit pays homage to the past, present, and potential future of activism and 
the journalists who bring these important faces and actions to the world. 

Preferred submissions are actual prints, but we will also accept work in 
digital or slide format. There are no size or framing restrictions.  Your work can 
be matted or non-matted, framed or not framed. Submit your work the way you 
feel it is best presented.

When sending work, please affix clear labels to the back of each piece. 
Include the following:

1. Name
2. Phone number
3. Title of work

Each image also needs to be accompanied by a detailed caption or paragraph 
that sufficiently describes the moment the photo was taken.  

This show will hang from August 13,th 2004 until after the Republican 
National Convention leaves NYC in September.  

The NYC-IMC Photo Team and the GAS Gallery is not responsible for submitted 
artwork.  If accepted, all work will be priced and sold with the understanding 
that all proceeds will go towards aiding the creation of an independent media 
convergence space for independent journalists during the upcoming convention.  

If you would like your work returned, please include a properly addressed 
SASE. Work should be returned no later than September 15,th 2004.

Questions regarding submissions can be made to Isis Phillips 212-252-2003 / 
Isisfoto at aol.com 

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