[imc-okanagan] CKUT Radio: Jordan - Amman Bombings & the Occupation of Iraq....

Stefan Christoff christoff at resist.ca
Tue Nov 15 12:35:50 PST 2005

CKUT Radio: Jordan - Amman Bombings & the Occupation of Iraq....

Listen to an interview with Oula Farawati, correspondent for Free Speech Radio 
News in Amman Jordan. This interview addresses the Wednesday, November 9th 
bombings in the Jordanian capital in the context of the ongoing U.S. lead 
occupation of Iraq.

Upwards of 60 people, mainly Jordanians were killed in the attacks, while 
over 120 people have already been arrested in connection with the 
bombings. Jordanian authorities have paraded internationally a captured 
female bomber, Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, who comes from the Iraqi city of 
Ramadi, the sister of a slain lieutenant of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi of 
al-Qaida in Iraq.

Al-Qaida in Iraq has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attacks, which 
have resulted in major demonstrations in Amman protesting the recent attacks, 
the ongoing occupation of Iraq and it's role in the growing political 
instability throughout the region.

----> To listen / download the interview with Oula Farawati visit:

----> For more news & information from Jordan visit the Jordan Times online at: 

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[This interview was produced by independent journalist and media activist 
Stefan Christoff, a member of CKUT's Community News Collective in Montreal. For 
more information or to get involved with CKUT Radio visit: http://www.ckut.ca]


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