[Imc-omaha-editorial] name calling allowed ?

RAH j rahjx at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 29 15:51:49 PST 2006


I feel much better now that I know his name
calling is not racially based.

I am a former computer programmer &
datasbase administrator that has been with
Omaha IMC from the beginning, as I
mentioned in  previous posts.

In fact, I offered several times to help with
the website but it is all cool because that
gives me a lot more time to work for my
union & do lots of online work for the
muslim group.

As far as the "neo-con" slur against me,
if you think revolutionaries like me that
support people like Hugo Chavez are with
the neo-cons, maybe you have been
smoking something.

As I am from Chicago, one of my
favorite quotes is from Fred Hampton:
"You can kill a revolutionary, but you
can't kill a revolution !"

Also, Sometime in May we may be
finished working every weekend, are
there still weekly meetings?


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