[imc-ontario] [New-imc] LONDON, ONTARIO (sending to imc-process pending translation)

boud boud at riseup.net
Tue Jul 11 13:18:45 PDT 2006

hi toban, everyone,

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Toban wrote:

> Hi boud,
> new-imc,
> and imc-ontario list subscribers,
> On a few occasions I've made efforts to get in touch with anyone who may
> be working behind the scenes on IMC Ontario organizing.  It seems to me
> that there are no such people.  There certainly isn't any organizing
> being done on the lists, and I don't see any indication that off-list
> organizing is happening.

i cannot see any attempt you have made to contact the imc-ontario group
on their mailing list during the last twelve months:


i could only find your email about trying to start imc canada:

So let's not blame anyone for lack of communication, but please, now
start communicating with each other :).

> I plan to get in touch with other Ontario IMCs to see if there's any
> support for disaffiliating IMC Ontario, so that it can be replaced.  The
> current site is not legitimate.  If any newswire editing is being done,

Well, how about first trying to get into contact - kevin replied rather
quickly, and he's verified that the site still functions.

> it's totally closed off to outsiders -- there aren't opportunities to
> get involved.  I tried to set up an editorial account, but I couldn't
> get it working, as the site is broken and/or someone has to approve the
> account.  But it seems that there's no organizers who can be contacted

Most indymedia sites (unfortunately) are highly non-wiki - and the
ones that do have wiki components are not as open as wikipedia wikis -
IMHO this is indymedia people being pedantic (or afraid or ignorant or
protecting the "territory they know and control") in interpreting
"open publishing", since IMHO "open editing" sounds like the natural
extension of "open publishing" now that we know that it is both
technically and cyber-socially practical. (It's also in maffew's vision
of indymedia paper...)

In any case, it is certainly possible to register on
ontario.indymedia.org . i just did so five minutes ago. The server is
very slow to respond to any request - it takes about 10-20 seconds -
but it seems to function fine apart from that.

(1) Click on "power publish".

(2) Click on "register".

(3) Fill in two words to make your username, and a password twice and click

It's a twiki like the one used in http://docs.indymedia.org (which is 
read-only at the moment), so it's a bit different syntax and style to 
mediawiki wikis.

> about that or other issues related to the site.  I certainly haven't
> been able to get in touch with anyone.

If you don't email the main mailing list of an imc, it's unsurprising that
you have a communication problem, since (nearly all) imcs function by
public mailing lists. (IMC Belarus functions by a special topic on its

> Anyway, an earlier draft of the London-Ontario application documents was
> sent out to other Canadian IMC lists (possibly all of them -- I can't
> remember).

Well, please start communicating with each other. :)

As i said, this is just a side comment.


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