[imc-ontario] not disaffiliating IMC Ontario

Toban tblack2 at uwo.ca
Tue Jul 11 19:50:58 PDT 2006

Hey Kevin,

It's good to hear from you.

It would be wonderful if we could salvage the present IMC Ontario, but
doing so would involve building an organization.  We wouldn't only need
volunteers; we would need decision-making processes, and an
organizational structure that is consistent with the principles of
Indymedia (minimal hierarchy, etc).

If the site remains part of the Indymedia network, then it's going to
need a collective of Indymedia organizers.

Are you prepared to extend admin access to others for editorial and tech

If you're interested in developing a non-hierarchical collective, then
let's do it.  It will take time, but the goal is certainly worth the effort.

If editorials have to go through you, that's OK for now, but not for long.

It could be a challenge to determine who could participate in the
decisions.  Surely we couldn't allow any list subscriber to join the
editorial collective, for instance.  Trust has to be established
somehow, but public meetings won't be an option.

An Ontario editorial collective could initially be restricted to the
members of other Ontario IMCs, but this wouldn't be inclusive enough, as
most of the province would be left out.  So, if we were to take that
(Ottawa, etc) IMC-based approach to starting an Ontario collective, we
would have to find a way to open it up to broader participation.

Hopefully people from other IMCs join this conversation.  I've sent out

In solidarity,

> I readily grant that the current site hasn't been active, and that
> work needs to be done.  I'm curious as to why you would push to
> disaffiliate IMC Ontario and replace it.  With what?
> If you want a functioning provincial network... then yahoo!  I'm all
> for it.  How do we get there? What would you like to see from the IMC
> Ontario site (besides some semblance of life)?
> If there isn't a new vision for the site, I think it should continue
> as a site for Kitchener and Toronto, because it does fill a need.
> (Some active editorial staff would be helpful, though.)

>> I plan to get in touch with other Ontario IMCs to see if there's any
>> support for disaffiliating IMC Ontario, so that it can be replaced.
>> The current site is not legitimate.

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