[Imc-orangecounty-edit] EDITORIAL POLICY

libertyhill at riseup.net libertyhill at riseup.net
Mon May 16 11:05:00 PDT 2005

OC-IMC Editorial Policy

       The OC-IMC is committed to offering a platform for the community to
vocalize their reports, opinions and analysis.  However, we
maintain a few simple guidelines for posting through an open
publishing system.  The OC-IMC defines open publishing as the
freedom to publish whatever an individual wishes, so long as they
abide by the hosts' editorial policy.  All posts will be published
unless they fall under any of the following restrictions:

        - any writing that is openly discriminatory or opressive (ex. racist,
sexist, etc)
        - advertising for profit (ads for events must be directed to the
community calendar)
        - misleading and/or deceitful posts
        - pornography (excluding satire)
        - unreadable formats (ex. non-supported scripts)
        - repetitive posts (this includes photographs)
        - posts requested to be hidden by author
        - posts specifically directed toward other individuals in an
        - spam that disrupts or makes the site more difficult to operate for
other participants
        -posts that could potentially implicate an organization or
individual in
any crime as defined by state or federal law
        -posts that proactively instigate acts of physical violence
personal information with the expressed desire
         that readers will physically harm an individual)

        This editorial policy will be implemented by our all-volunteer
collective.  Volunteers rotate shifts during which they are responsible
for moderating the posts to the OC-IMC.  We acknowledge the subjectivity
inherent in editing, and are attempting this process in the most
democratic, participatory manner possible. For a better understanding of
what articles are encouraged, see the OC-IMC mission statement.

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