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John Hollingsworth hollingsworth at caut.ca
Tue Jan 11 06:53:20 PST 2005

Thanks Trevor,

Here's the editorial policy, I thought I might as well send it to everyone.
It was slightly amended by the old editorial collective (Ken, please vouch
for the changes).  This should be our starting point for any further
revision, esp. as regards quality control issues.  Comments on the policy
below are in [ ].


* * *

IMC Ottawa Editorial Policy

The Ottawa IMC editorial collective uses an open publishing model, which
means when articles, pictures, audio, and video are posted to our site,
they will be immediately available to be read and commented on by others.

The Ottawa IMC stands firmly against all forms of oppression and so
will not tolerate the abuse of our site, our collective or our members by
racist, homophobic or otherwise oppressive individuals or groups.

We will strive to maintain an appropriate balance between an open
publishing model and respect for the basic right of members to feel safe and
comfortable in our collective.

We reserve the right to "hide" articles that violate the editorial
criteria below. These articles can still be viewed from a link on our site,
will NOT appear on the newswire.

[We actually don't link to these articles on the new site.]

Article Criteria

We will "hide" postings that:

- incite hatred or violence against individuals or groups of people

- have been requested hidden by the poster

- have been posted by someone who is found to be impersonating
someone else

- have been posted by someone who claims a false affiliation with
an organization

- are duplicates

[We delete, not hide, the duplicate.]

- have no content other than advertising a business or another web

- are garbage (e.g. pictures submitted as text)

- have been cross-posted to multiple IMCs and are relevant mainly
to a jurisdiction outside Ottawa. These posts should go to another IMC, or
to the Global page.

- contain false information about events (such as cancellation)
that would cause confusion

- are organizing specific illegal acts (i.e. saying to meet at a
certain place and time to go do something illegal.)

[- are in neither English nor French (making it difficult for the editorial
collective to apply the policy)]

Process for Hiding Articles

If we receive a complaint, or someone from our editorial collective
sees an article that falls into one of the categories above, they will:

1.  E-mail the author, and the editorial list
(imc-ottawa-editorial at indymedia.org) with the URL of the article, and
the reason for its removal.

2.  Post a comment on the article, stating why it was removed.

3.  "Hide" the article (though it will still be visible from a
link on our site).

Complaints about this process

If you feel that an article was removed unfairly, or that there is a
posting displayed on the site that violates the above criteria, you may
this up on our editorial list, by e-mailing
imc-ottawa-editorial at indymedia.org.

[I'm trying to get us all on this list, and I'm c.c.ing this message as a

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Hi everyone, here are the instructions that I have
compiled. More may have been distributed at some
point, but this is all I have.

If someone could check their e-mail box for "editorial
policies", please forward them to e_koyanagi at yahoo.com

Good seeing everyone tonight.

All the best, Trevor

Promoting newswire article to a feature:

-login to admin interface
-select newswire from ARTICLES section
-click "edit" on the newswire article to be promoted
to feature
-uncheck "published" (so the X is not there)
-click "save"
-change article type to "feature"
-check "published"
-click "save"

How to add a picture:

Scroll down to bottom of page
Click "upload image" in the Attachments box, beside
Click the "browse" button, find and attach the picture
Check the "published" box
Click "insert" button
Click "+add image" button
Click "attach" button

Scroll to top of page
Check "published"
Select "Feature" from "Article Type" pull-down list
Click "save"

Click "start" (top right hand of page)
Click "generate all new" in "Generate Manually" box

Here's how you add a topic:

-login to admin interface
-click on "super-user functions" in box on bottom of
-click on "topics"
-click "add"
-add name to textbox ("Civil Liberties")
-add description ("Local, national and international
stories of violations
of civil liberties by state agencies, especially in
the context of the
so-called 'war on terrorism'")
-add filename ("civlib")
-add archive URL with same label as filename
-click "insert" button
-click "save" button
-click "back" button
-click "back" button again
-click "start" button
-click "generate all new" button in "generate
manually" box near bottom of screen

Edit an article on the newswire to add the topic:

-click on "newswire" under articles box
-click "edit" on newswire article
-check "civil liberties" box

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