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See my mail of yesterday.  it's clause 6:  
Oxford IMC Legal Persona
a)      Neither the term "Oxford IMC" nor "Oxford IMC editorial collective" is deemed to constitute a legal persona.  All members of Oxford IMC and its editorial collective engage in the activities of the IMC as individuals.  No member of either body may be considered legally liable for the activities of the whole, nor for the material that appears on its website.  
Membership of neither body is to imply legal liability for the activities of the whole.

The problem for the OCC (or any grant-giving authority I would imagine) is that they are then giving money to a body that has no legal entity, so there's no group responsible for it, according to them.  The reason we have the clause is presumably to do with legal responsibility for postings to the site, rather than responsibility for bits of equipment.  Can we separate these two in some way - take responsibility for one and not the other?  Or are we really worried about the sueing question, because of an allegation made on the website (which would probably be on Uk's as well)?
What do people think?

owen at riseup.net wrote: 
Did they *explicitly* say which parts they had problems with,
or are we just guessing? If they didn't, we should ask; it's
not unreasonable to be told which bit is problematic :P

Owen the criss-cross patterns

Quoting Eileen Cameron-Kirby :

> Dear All
> The immediate reason for this email is that there's a hitch in our
> application for a £500 grant. Richard, as our contact person, has just been
> told that there is a problem with our constitution and unless it's changed
> we won't get the grant. The Council legal dept has said it's contradictory.
> I'll email the whole constitution separately, but probably the offending
> passage is the last para which claims we have no legal persona.
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