[imc-oxford-features] Fwd: Re: [Imc-oxford] constitution problems

MrDemeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Wed Feb 2 17:10:08 PST 2005

richard hering wrote:
> OK - here's a proposal - 24 hours for objections?  We delete the 
> bollox clause and send the remainder into the OCC.  Oh the joys of 
> bureacracy!

Yup, I love committees.

However if we're talking changes to constitutions, I'm afraid that 24
hours doesn't wash. How does one say "block"? I've never done it before...

24 hours on a mailing list is just an insult to all those members
(according to our constitution) who have posted, but are not members of
this list. They're all entitled to express a view. We need a week's
notice. Sorry, Richard.


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