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Eileen Cameron-Kirby eileen at cameron-kirby.freeserve.co.uk
Wed May 4 23:57:13 PDT 2005

This is a slightly difficult one. Are all emails to these lists publicly 
archived like the main mailing list? In which case forwarding the info below 
is not a breach of confidence. I would like to forward this to Sue, but will 
wait till I get a reaction.
Sue has certainly thought a good deal before doing this, but whether it's 
ultimately in her own best interests I'm unable to judge, as the case is 
really complicated. I don't at all like the idea of pulling the article at 
George Roe's say-so, even if up to now I've always found him very pleasant. 
Would we be pulling it because we think Oxford Indymedia is about to be sued 
by Unison? If this is the case, we would need to make a collective decision 
whether to agree to withdrawing it, or else let them go ahead and take legal 
action against us. If they're not talking of suing us, and Sue herself still 
feels she's made the right decision, it could be regarded as pretty 
insulting to her to pull the article 'for your own sake, my dear!'. I would 
be willing to talk to her again about this.
I have to say that I don't think we should be in the business of 
automatically protecting Unison or any other trades union, or its members, 
from criticism.

P.S. I'll be away most of today, from 11.00am or so onwards

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> Does anyone have a proposal how we should deal with
> this?  (George Roe from UNISON confirmed the version
> below in a conversation on Monday, and he's definitely
> no corrupt bureaucrat!)  The allegation of complicity
> between the union and the management is at best
> unproven.  I'm just concerned for the poster if we
> pull it from the site as inaccurate, as she seems to
> be in a fragile state.  Was thinking of suggesting
> that UNISON respond in the comments, but I'm not sure
> I would want to do that in this situation.  So what
> should we do?
> ricardo

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