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Jennie B gaiabomb at riseup.net
Fri Apr 25 17:40:41 PDT 2008

I'm with C_merengo on this one...

AFAIK the purpose for regions is for *local* action, moderated by a local
autonomous group, hence why the article was deselected.  Agreed, the
Reading-composed summary for the local area is fine; it's a local newswire
- with an IMC-UK link at the top - just like other regions.

Ben, I do take your point that it's a valuable article which is about
national days of action (surely better placed on the national news
wire??).  A simple addition to the Reading-related post could be easily
done to link it in with these wider days of action (which we've done
before on countless occasions - Fossil Fuels, Climate Camp, Dissent! stuff
etc. etc. etc.).

Having regional autonomy means that we can choose what to show on the
wire, for example, Oxford keeps lots of local events advertised on its
newswire as well as reports (Ox IMC'ers feel free to add anything else we
do that's different/similar to other groups).

Anyway, we have enough problems with our news wire being spammed to fuck
as it is!

It's really clear on the Ox site that we're linked in with Indymedia UK
and beyond, therefore readers can merrily surf over to the main
UK/International sites and beyond!

HTH and all the best,

Jennie B (ex-Oxford IMC, now up north!  I really am going now!) x

> owen at riseup.net wrote:
>> Deselected these region spammages:
>> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/oxford/2008/04/396439.html
>> squat day of action - region spam
> and in internal comments on admin:
>> a1984 - unticked manchester
>> c_merengo: stop spamming regions, this kind of thing is what UK
>> indymedia is for!
> Having now had this same article deselected for both manchester and
> oxford it seems I must be confussed about what the regions are for.
> The article in question is a summary of actions that took place around
> the uk and beyond for the days of action for squats and autonomous
> spaces on the 11th and 12th of april. The only regions ticked were
> those in which reports had been posted to their newswire about local
> action. The regions where no actions had been reported were not
> selected.
> In the case of Manchester IMC there was masses of newswire posts prior
> to the days of action and although reports were slow coming in during
> the following days there are at least two on the newswire now and I
> was suprised when somebody saw fit to deselect the manchester topic
> from the article summarising the actions. Within the last couple of
> days a regional feature has gone up about the actions in manchester
> (including a link to the summary article).
> In the case of Oxford IMC, there were again many posts prior to the
> days of action annoucing plans in Reading. Following the weekend there
> was a nice article with photos saying how the actions went. That
> remains on Oxford IMC without being deselected but the summary is
> apparently spam.
> The article sumarising the events that took place in different towns
> and cities was posted as kind of geographical 'time-line' to
> compliment and follow the feature about the days of action.  I ticked
> only the regions in which actions had been reported so I fail to see
> how this is spamming and believe it was a valuable article allowing
> local people to see how local actions fitted into a wide context of
> activities during the days of action.
> If it is argued that the purpose of regional sites is to host content
> that is SOLELY about that specific locality then it makes it
> impossible to place articles into a national or international context,
> so that can't be right and obviously I think this article should not
> have been removed from those regions.
> ben
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