[Imc-oxford-tech] Decision needed?

Mr. Demeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Sun May 1 02:25:29 PDT 2011


1. The Mir instance on Traven has been archived, and a splash-page has
    been put up. Open publishing on Traven is still enabled; they
    intended to turn it off, but held back specifically to avoid burning
    the Oxford newswire. They are giving us a week to find a new home.

    Um, I wasn't aware that this was the plan, but others don't seem
    surprised. I thought they'd find a way to allow publishing only for
    Oxford, but it seems not.

2. The DNS for indymedia.org.uk has been changed to point at the Mayday
    host in Iceland, which is running a full clone of the Traven Mir
    instance, complete with regional sites. As far as I can see the
    Oxford site is working.

3. Mir stores admin passwords in plain; therefore all admin accounts
    on the new server have been disabled, except for those who have been
    in IRC and have been able to log in and change their admin password.
    I've changed mine, and can log in. I can re-enable your account as
    soon as you're ready to change your password - I guess one way to
    organise that would be for you to phone me when you're ready, and if
    I'm convinced you're you, I'll do it. 01865 726831.

4. BeTheMedia are apparently awaiting a statement from Oxford
    concerning our plans. I'd say that events have overtaken this, but
    it would nevertheless be civil to give them a statement ASAP.

So can we agree a statement on mailing lists, or do we have to wait till
the face meeting? My sense is that there is no practical urgency, but to
delay needlessly would be impolite. If we want to wait for the face
meeting, then I'm proposing this discussion for the agenda.

5. I noticed a glitch on the Oxford site:
    That article is hidden, but (a) appears on the Oxford wire, and (b)
    it isn't styled as a hidden article. The same article receives
    proper hidden styling if viewed through the UK URL:
    I presume we have a screwy Oxford stylesheet - perhaps customised
    but not checked-in, or sommat like that.

If anyone wants a more detailed explanation of what's been happening,
you can phone me or email me, and I'll do my best. I'm also up for a
swift beer, if anyone wants to meet for a yak.


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