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richard hering richarddirecttv at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 14:47:15 PST 2005

Bearing in mind our (i mean Oxford's) multiple links
with Palestine, I think we should try to ascertain who
they are, and if they have any oxford link.  My first
thought is maybe they're connected with regular
correspondent Bex Tyrer.  But maybe they're not. 
Hmmmm.  When you say some Oxford people are involved,
are you sure?  On the other hand, let's see how often
they do it.


--- MrDemeanour <mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net> wrote:
> These people have evidently added our list-address
> to their list, which
> isn't the way to use lists. Unfortunately, it's not
> possible to
> subscribe to their list (nor to unsubscribe), as far
> as I can see - they
> decide who gets their press-releases.
> I want to block these posts (I can block the
> poster), but I know that
> some Oxford women are involved, and that Oxford has
> some kind of
> relationship with some towns in Palestine. I've
> written to them asking
> them to stop doing this, but had no reply.
> There's really no point in notifying people who live
> in Oxford of a demo
> that's happening somewhere in Palestine in a couple
> of hours' time, so
> this stuff is clearly off-topic; but I don't want to
> upset anyone.
> Advice?
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> Subject: [Imc-oxford] [Media] Palestinian Land Day -
> Women's March to 
> Polluted Wadi Qana
> Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:41:46 +0200
> From: Media at iwps-pal.org
> Reply-To: iwpspa at iwps-pal.org
> To: Media listserve <media at iwps-pal.org>
> Palestinian Land Day:
> Women's March to Polluted Wadi Qana
> Women for Life, a Palestinian women's group in the
> Salfit region,
> invites international and Israeli women to join them
> as they march to
> the polluted valley of Wadi Qana on Palestinian Land
> Day.  All press,
> women and men, are encouraged to come.
> WHEN - Wednesday, 30th March, 2005 at 11 am.
> WHERE - Meet near the water treatment plant in Wadi
> Qana, walk down into
> the valley towards the sewage.
> Wadi Qana, a valley full of natural springs and
> perfect land for citrus
> plants, was so polluted by the surrounding
> settlements that its 350
> residents were forced to leave in 1986 and move to
> the village of Deir
> Istya.  Most of the water wells have been stolen by
> these settlements
> and outposts, which include Imanu'el, Yakir, Nevi
> Menachem, Karnei
> Shomron, Nov Qana, and Givot Shomron.
> Palestinian Land Day, known as 'Yom al-Ard' in
> Arabic, commemorates the
> March 30, 1976 killing of six Palestinians in the
> Galilee by Israeli
> troops during peaceful protests over the
> confiscation of Palestinian
> lands.
> Directions to Wadi Qana: The turnoff for the Wadi is
> from road 506,
> about 3 kilometers north of Deir Istya.  You will
> see a green valley on
> the left (west) and an agricultural road.  This is
> where you turn.  If
> you need directions to Deir Istya, contact IWPS.
> Um Milad (Arabic): 0547-514-783
> IWPS (English): 09-251-6644
> The International Womens Peace Service (IWPS)
> witnesses, documents and
> publicizes human rights abuses and peacefully
> intervenes to try to
> prevent them.  We support non-violent resistance to
> the illegal and
> brutal Military Occupation of Palestinian lands.  We
> live in Hares,
> Salfit.
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