[Imc-oxford] flyers

owen at riseup.net owen at riseup.net
Wed May 11 08:30:15 PDT 2005

Thanks Eileen! I've just emailed it to greenprint with a note asking
if it would be possible to do 500 (ie 250 x 2) by the weekend and how
much it would cost. I don't expect it cost much, I'm willing to pay
for them myself and they can be used afterwards at other things if they
don't all get used at Levellers' Day.

Owen the extra-terrestrial eye

> Sorry if I'm sabotaging the mailing-list again - I've just made a 2-up
> version of a poster/flyer designed for us in 2003 by (I think) Stig. Rather
> a large file, tried doing it as a pdf but it didn't print out well (too
> blurred). I can also send a 1-up if required. I'm not offering to print out
> more than half-a-dozen or so, for both financial and technical reasons
> (ancient printer, needs coddling).

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