[Imc-oxford] new layout done

MrDemeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Wed May 18 08:19:27 PDT 2005

societelibre at riseup.net wrote:
> hi :-)
> btw jack i just looked at it on firefox on windows and the comment 
> you said wasn't rendering properly is rendering properly here. so it 
> might be something to do with your computer.

When I said "the first comment", I meant "the last article link in the
newswire; the one at the bottom of the list". That is, the first in
chronological terms. It's still broken, and it's broken in both Firefox
and IE.

Further inspection reveals that the article itself is also
comprehensively broken. At the bottom I find this link:
Homepage: http://www.unicode.org/standard/translations/korean.html

So I'm guessing that we have a good post, but that for some peculiar
reason I have omitted to install a Korean font on my machine. I
also can't find the article in "View all articles" - I don't know where
you found it.

I actually have fonts on this machine for Modern Hebrew,
Arabic, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Bengali and Cyrillic. I
can't read any of them - but I have to test my software, to make sure it
works correctly with funny writing. Arabic and Hebrew were selected
because they are written right-to-left. Sadly browsers don't generally
render Japanese and Chinese top-to-bottom and right-to-left, which is
how I believe it's supposed to be done.


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