[Imc-oxford] tab highlighting

MrDemeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Fri May 20 12:20:39 PDT 2005

societelibre wrote:
> ok,
> i managed to make the tab highlighting feature works, after having a
>  learn properly how the freemarker language for templates work. :-)

Wah }:-( What is "Freemarker"? Real Programmers do it with VI :-)

Seriously, I saw that you'd accomplished that about half-an-hour ago,
and Hamish will confirm that I was dead impressed. Well done!
> right, so for now i think all i wanted to do is done, i mean
> technically (there's only still a bit of template cleaning to do). 
> what's remaining is to sort out a banner, and colours and logos etc.
>  this is only stylesheet work so pretty easy to modify.
> ciao :-)

Hey, what's with this "ciao" stuff? don't you go thinking you can just
slip away like that - you know as well as I do how slow and tedious
Indymedia decision-making processes are! Surely we now have to have a
meeting to discuss what has to go in the tabstrip, what gets a pop-right
menu, and what appears un-popped in the right column; and what
color-scheme we want, what the banner and stuff looks like, dah-di-dah,
etc. etc.

And before we can have a meeting we need an agenda, and we have to agree
a date and so on.

You've only just begun, Vincent!


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