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Charlie Harvey charlie.harvey at peopleandplanet.org
Fri Nov 17 04:23:13 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 17:50 +0000, Helen Eastman wrote:
> I thought this piece might be of interest - I was struck when reading
> the poem below how little has changed.  If you think so, would you
> forward it to anyone who would be interested. It would be much
> appreciated. It explores some very important questions about the
> impact of war on families and children in a really brilliant
> performance. Don’t hesitate to get back to me if I can send any more
> information.
> Helen Eastman, 07770 277812

Hi Helen,

Thanks for wanting to contribute to Indymedia! I'm afraid that we don't
work like a normal press agency or discussion list, though. The focus of
what we do is to allow everybody to contribute and discuss news to our

We are very much a DIY project, because we feel that the corporate media
reflects only the voices of the powerful not the voices of the
grassroots. We can hate the media or we can become the media. We hope
that you'll want to be a part of this project, by helping publish the
news, or by getting involved with running the website, rather than just
being a spectator as the media interpret your world for you!

You can publish your piece and your commentary on it on our newswire, by
clicking the "Publish Now" button at the top right of the website.
Someone on this list should be able to add the event to our calendar for

If you'd like to be involved in running the site (you don't have to be a
techie!) then drop us a line back, or check out the global Indymedia
page at:


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