[Imc-oxford] URGENT, please take my mobile phone number off your website

Maeve Maze wild4ager at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 17 07:43:57 PST 2007

Dear Indymedia Oxford,
  Please could you take my mobile number off your website regarding actions at Radley Lakes 15/02/07:
  'Update (15/02/07): Tree felling and preparation work has started, and sporadic actions are taking places to try to block this work. More help is needed; phone 07986903442 for info.'
  I did not give permission for my private mobile number to be put here.  I was at the lakes with my friends and we individually did our own thing to protest in the past, and I'm not a general contact for all protest.  I'm now away from Radley.
  All the best in trying to save the lakes.

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