[Imc-oxford] OxIMC statement to global

owen at riseup.net owen at riseup.net
Thu May 5 15:13:28 PDT 2011

Below is the text of OxIMC's statement to global.

M: If you have a chance to translate to castellano and/or catalan that
would be really great.

OTOH IMC Germany have just suggested a deadline of Saturday lunchtime for
the domain transfer, so I'd like to send it out before then and am aware
you're away for the weekend. I see the extra translations as a bonus but
not a necessity, so if I haven't heard anything by midnight Friday I'll
just send it to imc-process as it is.

Hope that's OK,

Owen the levitating telephone


In response to the proposal by Bristol IMC, Oxford IMC wants to remain
independent of both sides in this dispute.

However, our site does make use of the domain indymedia.org.uk, so if
control of this domain were to be transferred, we would like to ensure
those managing it are aware of and respect our needs.

We can be contacted at: imc-oxford at lists.indymedia.org


En réponse à la proposition de Bristol IMC, Oxford IMC voulons rester
indépendant des deux côtés de ce conflit.

Par contre, notre site web utilise le nom de domaine indymedia.org.uk,
alors si le controle du domaine soit transmis nous voudrions que ceux qui
gèrent le domaine soient conscient de nos besoins.

Pour nous contacter envoyez un mail à: imc-oxford at lists.indymedia.org


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